Criminal Defense

At Farrell Smith O'Connell, we have in-depth experience representing clients accused of major and minor crimes. We have successfully represented clients in complex and high-profile cases at the Grand Jury phase, Trial,  and post-trial matters. We represent individuals and businesses under investigation, facing criminal charges, or those seeking early compliance with federal laws and regulations.

Our clients appreciate the experience, understanding, commitment, and empathy we bring to their defense and representation. We know that whether you are in court for the first time in your life or have encountered the criminal justice system before, you are facing the unknown. Our firm will guide you through the process and ensure that you understand your options.

  • State Court

  • Juvenile Court

  • Federal Court​

  • Fisheries Crimes

  • Environmental Crimes 

  • Internal Investigations

  • Operating Under the Influence (Motor Vehicle/Vessel)

  • Negligent Operation (Motor Vehicle/Vessel)

  • Assault & Battery



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